Apple unveils its latest iPhone: Follow live for updates

 Welcome to iPhone season.

On Tuesday, Apple held an event to announce the iPhone 12.

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A14 Bionic: The chip that makes iPhone 12 run faster

This isn't a new iPhone without improvements in build. Apple says the iPhone 12 will feature an A14 Bionic chip that promises 50% faster processing and graphics than other smartphones.

Apple announced how technically advanced the iPhone 12 is for gaming and announced that the hit video game League of Legends will make its debut on iOS.

IPhone 12: What does it look like?

Cook confirmed the iPhone 12 with a completely new design and smooth, smooth edges. Available in five colors: black, white, red, green and blue.

Like the iPhone 11, it has a 6.1-inch display but is 11% thinner, 15% smaller, and 16% lighter than the iPhone 11. iPhone 12 also features a Super Retina XDR display.

In addition, according to Apple, the iPhone 12 will contain the maximum 5G band of any smartphone to provide owners with a better connection.

The iPhone is entering the 5G era

Cook confirmed that the next iPhone will enter the 5G wireless realm. Cook promises faster downloads, better security, game improvements, and other "breakthrough innovations".

But first, here's the HomePod Mini

Apple CEO Tim Cook didn't start the event with the iPhone, but with the smart HomePod earbuds. According to Cook, when creating the Mini, Apple considered, among other things, ease of use, from setup to daily activities, as well as security. "It's important that the technology we use for our homes has a truly great experience," said Cook. The mini will contain an audio computer that uses vocal patterns to amplify the sound. Later this year, the HomePod Mini will add a feature that detects when your iPhone is nearby so that music can easily be transferred from iPhone playback to the HomePod Mini.

The speaker can also access iPhone apps using Siri. The demonstration shows how users can access events from their calendar, messages, or music via Siri.

The speaker also has an intercom that sends messages from the HomePod Mini to any Apple device, including AirPods. Good luck trying to ignore your parents and children.

These speakers sell for $ 99 in white or gray. It can be ordered on November 6 and shipped on November 16.

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