Israel settlements: Donald Trump proves he's the 'King of Israel'


Israel, particularly Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Nov. 18 declaration that the US will change its policy on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, no longer considering them as incompatible with international law.


 – –  It's been called a sham public relations stunt. It is possible that it will not be built. It is bordered by enemy military territory. And, given the family's well-known taste for premium real estate and distinctive bling, it's unlikely to be a shining example anytime soon.

However, a planned Israeli settlement known as "Ramat Trump" in Hebrew, or "Trump Heights," located about 12 miles from the Syrian border — right in the centre of land that only the United States acknowledges as valid Israeli territory –

represents a fundamental element of US foreign policy: Every American president in recent times has been firmly pro-Israel, emphasising shared history and ideals as well as an unwavering security commitment.

"Trump is a true friend of Israel,

" said Haim Rokach, the head of the Golan Heights Regional Council, which oversees the fledgling "Trump Heights" initiative in Bruchim, a shabby village with a population of 7-10 that is part of Kela Alon, a larger adjoining community of 80-90 families, the majority of whom are secular Israeli Jews.

There's no question Trump's voice on Israeli affairs has been a good thing for us," said Dulan abu-Saleh, the mayor of the largest Druze town in the Golan Heights.

In September, Israelis failed to elect a prime minister for the second time in less than six months, in an election that highlighted the Jewish state's complex secular-religious divide and pitted its longest-serving leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, against Benny Gantz, the hawkish former head of Israel's military.

The results indicated that neither politician's party received a majority, implying that in order for either to establish a government, a coalition pact with opposition parties would be required. Putting together a coalition has been tough.

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